Every organization faces unique challenges in energy management. For over 30 years, EnergyCAP’s award-winning utility bill and energy management software has helped government, higher education, commercial, energy services/consultants, and school districts to gain value from energy and utility data. Discover how EnergyCAP can help your organization turn its challenges to success.


Energy managers in the private sector work in a variety of organizations such as property management, healthcare, retail, manufacturing or industrial, transportation, finance, hospitality, and technology. Regardless of their product or service, they all have something in common—energy data to manage at their locations. Whether outsourcing utility bill payment or handling it in-house, EnergyCAP’s energy management solution helps:

  • share energy and greenhouse gas data with energy stakeholders
  • streamline essential workflows
  • improve energy accounting practices
  • track reduction targets to produce an equitable return on your investment

Energy Services / Consultant

Energy Services / Consultant To meet their clients’ diverse goals, Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and Consultants need a customer energy data management platform. With free training resources, EnergyCAP helps ESCOs and consultants:

  • gain and retain clients by tracking their utility data in one place
  • import electronic billing data
  • tailor energy reporting to client specifications
  • perform measurement and verification
  • brand their services within a privately-labeled, API-enabled web platform


With rising energy costs, new energy reduction mandates, and increasing pressure for public transparency, government energy managers need tools to help them meet their goals. EnergyCAP energy management software has served all levels of government including cities and counties, states, federal organizations, housing authorities, transit authorities, and military bases. EnergyCAP helps:

  • meet energy savings goals
  • streamline utility bill and energy management
  • satisfy ENERGY STAR and other benchmarking mandates
  • communicate savings to the organization and community

GSA pricing is available for organizations that qualify.

Cenergistic Clients

EnergyCAP is a valuable tool for organizations that need:

  • straightforward utility bill tracking
  • energy management reports
  • calculation of the cost avoidance attributable to energy management activities
  • overall energy information management.

EnergyCAP is the utility bill tracking, reporting, and measurement and verification tool for Cenergistic clients.

Higher Education

University systems, universities, colleges, and community colleges face similar challenges in energy management. Since campus buildings are used for a variety of purposes, benchmarking is difficult. If energy is produced and distributed in-house, then cost allocation and rebilling of tenants can be tricky. But EnergyCAP’s software dashboard has helped energy managers in higher education to:

  • manage energy data from a variety of sources
  • process chargebacks
  • improve workflow
  • verify savings
  • analyze data points
  • distribute reports to stakeholders.

School Districts

School district energy managers often have to justify energy projects with the School Board, verify cost savings, share data with a variety of audiences, and benchmark buildings in ENERGY STAR. EnergyCAP helps to:

  • simplify the complexity of tracking utility bills
  • create and distribute reports for various stakeholders
  • verify energy savings on projects and initiatives.

EnergyCAP’s energy management solutions are available to school districts that qualify.