Customer Services


Your current subscription to EnergyCAP grants access to all software upgrades and ongoing support through the EnergyCAP Maintenance Agreement (ECMA). Our focus is on software development, so we provide multiple releases throughout the year. Your ECMA also includes additional data services: daily weather data, updated greenhouse gas emissions factors, and submittal of your building information to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.


In addition to upgrades, your EnergyCAP Maintenance Agreement (ECMA) provides you with access to our expert customer support via phone, email, web conferencing, and other online tools. Additional free customer support and training resources are available online to ensure a productive user experience for all members of your organization.


We recognize the value of well-trained EnergyCAP users, so we’re committed to making sure you receive the right training to use EnergyCAP in an efficient, productive manner. During the implementation phase, we can recommend customized training options that meet organization goals and fit into your budget. On-site and online training are available.

Even after implementation is complete, you can schedule a refresher course to sharpen your knowledge or plan a group training at your facility to adapt to changing organization objectives. We’ll help you set the agenda and train you, using your EnergyCAP database. In addition to personal training sessions, we host an annual training conference called Catalyst.

Customer Success

Customer Success is personal, empowering, enabling, and is all about your success with EnergyCAP. Specifically, Customer Success is a fixed term of service in which you are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will work with you on mutually agreed EnergyCAP topics or tasks. The average term of service is between one and three months, and you can renew at any time. Think of it as putting your EnergyCAP professional on retainer. You’ll have unlimited access, at least during business hours.

Software Retro Commissioning

Building owners across the country are achieving tremendous savings by reassessing their facilities and adjusting their building systems to match today’s capabilities and expectations. This same principle can be applied to your EnergyCAP software. Whether your current situation involves changes in staffing, understanding EnergyCAP capabilities, new legislation, reorganization, or updated business priorities, EnergyCAP can offer more value.

Your free, no-obligation software retro commissioning includes: a complimentary 90-minute consultation with an EnergyCAP Project Manager; an action plan for maximizing your EnergyCAP value; an appraisal of your current needs as they relate to your EnergyCAP license agreement.

Smart CAPture

There is tremendous energy management value in interval data—it helps identify problems and savings opportunities that aren’t visible, apparent, or timely with monthly utility bills—and we want to make sure EnergyCAP users benefit from it.

The Smart CAPture service will load your meter data into EnergyCAP for you. We can automate the upload of already-available data files via Smart Meter Texas, Green Button, and your utility vendors. Smart CAPture can interface with your existing equipment via file transfer, APIs, and gateways. And, if needed, ECI can install new metering equipment. Once in EnergyCAP, your interval data is available for analysis and reporting and can be rolled up for monthly rebill calculations.s.