EnergyCAP utility bill and energy management software empowers you to do more with your energy information. Transform your utility bill and meter data challenges into opportunities.

For more than 30 years, EnergyCAP has helped clients to maximize value from their energy and utility bill data. Every organization faces unique challenges in energy management—challenges like utility bill processing, data integration, transparency, workflows, reporting, project prioritization, tracking and verification of savings. EnergyCAP is the complete solution for all these challenges.

What’s your challenge? EnergyCAP can help.

Utility Bill Management

Utility bill management involves more than simply paying bills. It includes the entire workflow process from manual or electronic bill data entry to auditing and bill verification, internal invoicing and cost allocations, detailed analysis, budgeting and forecasting, energy project identification and assessment, and day-to-day reporting. Foundational to all of these activities is getting a handle on all of your data in a consolidated system. EnergyCAP software provides the solution for all of these related business needs.

Savings & Analysis

EnergyCAP is built around the concept of making energy information actionable. The software provides multiple options for viewing and interpreting utility bill and meter data. Whether you need to validate energy project savings, report on energy use, analyze energy trends, procure energy commodities or services, meet greenhouse gas tracking mandates, benchmark building energy use across your portfolio or with ENERGY STAR, identify savings opportunities, or spot issues or problems, EnergyCAP makes your job easier.

Reporting & Presentation

Energy reporting is one of the most important features of any utility bill management system. Unless data is presented well, and data sharing is convenient, the energy analytics will not be useful. There are a host of reporting possibilities in EnergyCAP, starting with hundreds of “canned” reports, automated email options, custom spreadsheets, and a host of PowerViews charts and graphs that can (along with their associated data tables) be copied and pasted to other applications for external manipulation. You can also use the Report Designer and our documented API.

Sustainability & Compliance

Today’s organizations are increasingly prioritizing sustainability as a best practice. EnergyCAP addresses this interest with measurement & verification tools, automated ENERGY STAR data submission, greenhouse gas reporting, and the ability to analyze even non-energy commodities (waste, recycling, production, etc.).

Chargebacks & Tenant Rebilling

Internal rebilling, also commonly referred to as chargebacks or cost allocation, is an important business process for many larger organizations. EnergyCAP facilitates this internal accounting with a sophisticated chargeback module that includes a visual application for designing complex distributions. You can create bills based on percentage splits, submeter readings applied to a rate schedule, or formulas. Additional capabilities include reporting on customer or tenant charges, a mobile submeter reading app, and reconciliation of vendor utility charges to distributed charges.

Web Access & Permissions

EnergyCAP is a web-based software that can either be hosted at our secure data center or can be client-hosted. Both hosting options offer a range of services including a documented API, multiple users, and reasonable per-meter licensing for scalability.