EnergyCAP Canada Inc.
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Initiated in 2003 as Telisoft .Net to distribute EnergyCAP software in Canada, then incorporated in 2008 as EnergyCAP Canada Inc. (“ECC”), we provide energy accounting and utility information management systems to organizations across our nation. There are many advantages to dealing with a Canadian company that localizes elements of our cost-effective energy management software-based solutions. As the sole authorized reseller of EnergyCAP software in Canada, we work closely with the American developers at EnergyCAP, Inc. to better service our clients’ needs.


ECC has enjoyed remarkable growth since its inception. As leaders in energy management and sustainability solutions, we believe our methodology of coupling intelligent energy/utility information management programs with efficiency driven utility bill administration derives the most value. The resulting reduction in operating costs, with the supporting analytics and reporting tools, assures our clients advance their sustainability objectives!


We offer a range of services to actively measure, manage, and conserve, that begin with utility data. Our distinct team of data analysts, project managers and technical staff provide the commitment necessary to face the challenges of energy management in your unique environment. We have learned how to integrate with existing systems to leverage your current technologies and to better monitor and manage your key processes – across multiple platforms – from a single, hosted solution.

20 utility bill audits to help you find savings.