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Software Validation

EnergyCAP software uses an annual validation code as piracy protection to confirm the validity of software user licenses. This security feature protects licensed users from potential liability should their licensed copy be misappropriated or stolen and subsequently pirated. It also protects EnergyCAP, LLP. from unauthorized reproduction and installation.


Annual revalidation is quick and easy, and the code will be updated for you or emailed to you following receipt of your ECMA renewal payment. The software will alert you 30 days in advance of the revalidation date. At any time during this 30-day alert period, follow the instructions to verify your license and submit a validation request. Your revalidation code will be provided promptly.

Software License Purchase Agreements


Our comprehensive Software License Purchase Agreements are available for download and review. Each document includes, as appropriate, the software purchase agreement, software license terms, maintenance agreement, implementation services agreement, and database hosting service agreement.

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