Utility Bill Benchmarking Software

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Energy Benchmarking Software

EnergyCAP’s energy benchmarking is one of the most helpful tools in energy analysis and helps you to compare the relative performance of peer buildings in a property portfolio. The peer portfolio becomes a kind of baseline—a yardstick you can use to measure the energy efficiency of your facilities.


There are multiple ways to organize and compare your data for more meaningful analysis:


Automatic Groups: These are “peer” groups of buildings and meters that are automatically created and maintained by the software. Each Auto-Group shares a common characteristic, such as commodity, building primary use, or meter primary use.


Manual Groups: These are configured and maintained by the user and may include any number of buildings or meters. Popular groups, for example, include “Top 10” most intensive for energy use, cost, or use/cost per square foot.


Custom Benchmarking: This flexible functionality enables benchmarking for industry-specific factors, such as use/cost per enrollment, hours of use, occupied room night, production output, and others. Benchmarking in this manner has several advantages:


  • It simplifies the benchmarking setup process by automating key components.
  • It organizes benchmarking efforts around appropriate energy metrics.
  • It provides flexibility to account for unique situations.
  • It provides a basis for taking energy management actions.


Group members can be compared by cost-per-area and per-day, use-per-area and per-day, peak demand, heating and cooling sensitivity, and unit cost.

Effective benchmarking techniques to help you spot energy savings for your organization.