Software: Rental Utility Cost Recovery

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Utility Cost Recovery for Rentals

Move-In Utility Vacant Expense Recovery (MUVER) is a customized software script for multi-tenant apartment communities that enables recovery of vacant unit costs resulting from continuous service agreements. For rental properties, MUVER makes it easy to properly manage distribution of tenant utility costs based on the utility invoices from multiple suppliers across an organization’s entire portfolio.


MUVER deals with Continuous Service Agreements (CSA) for electricity and, in some cases, natural gas. Under a CSA, the utility does not shut off the electricity (or natural gas) when a resident moves out of an apartment. Instead, the utility often switches the meter back to the owner’s account, often without any notice to the owner. MUVER calculates the dollar amount owed by the tenant(s) for the duration of the rental period and generates records for transfer to an A/R system, so management can recover the portion of the utility cost owed by the tenant.

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