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Cialis generika bewertung en" [The new generation of a drug "inconvenient for lot of cases"] (Hoffman et al., 2011). But he failed to mention that this new generation is the first to have been approved since the patent for ibuprofen expired in 2004 (Dietrich 2008, p. 574). Thus, in practice, what is currently possible in the USA is not really "generic experience" that has been proposed to justify the introduction of European model at the expense of U.S. (De Giorgio 2005; Häussler 2006). At any rate, it seems that the "generality of experience" in United States is the result of fact that American system was first developed and the European system had to adapt itself fit the U.S. legal system. Indeed, many of the "generic experiences" in U.S. may be characterized as "a U.S. and European compromise system" (Dietrich 2008, p. 574). In summary, it is true that generic pharma companies operate in a complex and dynamic environment in which "every-day activities involve more than just research, development and commercialization. They also include product development efforts, distribution marketing activities, and regulatory activities their implications for competition, intellectual property issues, consumer health and safety, public health, government funding" (Szklo et al., 2011, p. 4). Although these activities may not be straightforwardly separable from Methocarbamol 750 uk R&D and the introduction of drugs to market, and despite the fact that generic and commercial activities occur simultaneously, the fact remains that, in United States, the process for genericizing a drug (generics in this context) is a very complex and dynamic process to which a number of regulatory and legal constraints are not always applied simultaneously in a transparent and coordinated manner. There are undoubtedly cases in which the U.S. and European systems operate in very similar ways. order to clarify the role that various regulatory, licensing, and other processes play, this section will present the three major elements of European generic and commercial system that seem to be most relevant in the U.S, particularly since there were many similarities between the structure underlying European and American generics the structure surrounding launch of former in the 1970s and 1980s. While all three of these elements can be considered normative for the modern U.S. system, they provide only a partial list of the complexities inherent in generics and commercial system. R&D and Generic Product Development As mentioned above, in the United States, commercial competition is the major competitive pressure in R&D process (Dufour, 2000). The U.S. system does not require generic manufacturers to demonstrate superiority over the competition, but requires only that the two companies be substantially equivalent in terms of product characteristics (Dietrich 2008, p. 574). For example, a generic drug maker is free to pursue its product development activities in the generic sector any way it chooses (such Buy cheap flagyl as the use on a large scale of "less advanced" compound that has not yet proved its reliability against the clinical endpoints) as long it does not create an imitation of the original cialis buy usa compound. In contrast, European Union, order to bring a drug market, generic manufacturers generally will have to demonstrate superiority over the competing compounds in terms of safety, efficacy, and safety against certain endpoints (Dietrich 2008, p. 576) (see Figure 3).

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Interval (Time-Series) Data

EnergyCAP provides a process to import interval data for detailed energy consumption analysis. You can track electronic (“smart”) meter interval data (usually 15, 30 or 60-minute intervals), other electric meter channels (KVAR, power factor, current, voltage, etc.), and any time-series data, including volume, occupancy, or weather conditions.


Once in EnergyCAP, your interval data is available for charting, auditing, aggregating, and analyzing. You can also roll up the interval data for monthly rebill calculations and associate production with energy use to calculate, for example, energy used per hotel room visit or energy used per manufactured widget.


EnergyCAP has a flexible import wizard that enables you to import delimited files from any metering system, or we can manage the import process for you via our Colchicine price usa service.

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