EnergyCAP empowers you to do more with your organization’s energy information.

Reports, Charts, and Graphs

EnergyCAP displays utility data as charts, graphs, and tables and in more than 300 informative reports. Reports cover a wide range of categories, including:

  • Analysis
  • Billing
  • Budget
  • Calendarized
  • Channel
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Invoice
  • Normalized
  • Setup
  • Weather
  • Year-to-Year

EnergyCAP reports can be exported to a variety of file formats including XLS, PDF, and DOC. Each report is individually customizable using a wide variety of data filtering options, and you can build your own report library of saved, recommended, and configured reports.


EnergyCAP’s Automated Report Distribution helps energy managers save the time required to produce and distribute meaningful reports to their stakeholders. A full-featured scheduler emails designated reports to user-defined distribution lists. Report lists can be created and configured by each user and each report will be tailored to the recipient’s security permissions.


Reports can be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly generation, and email distribution lists can be updated via an imported CSV file.

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