Software: Utility Bill Auditing

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Utility Bill Auditing Software

You should be confident that your utility bills are correct. EnergyCAP delivers that confidence through its intelligent bill auditing functionality.


EnergyCAP’s utility bill audits automatically and immediately check each bill upon entry or import to verify accuracy and flag potential problems. Audit exceptions are highlighted on the bill to help your team identify and resolve issues quickly. During manual bill entry, possible bill problems are highlighted as you type within the bill entry screen to help you catch errors before bills are saved to your database.


You can also manually flag bills that warrant additional analysis or verification. Insert notes or questions to be answered and assign the bills to any authorized EnergyCAP user for resolution. Actions taken are recorded and savings realized can be documented in the Cost Recovery field.


Pay your utility bills with confidence, knowing that they have been reviewed by EnergyCAP’s smart utility bill auditing technology.

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